New password

Your trust returns with reward.
  • With every purchase you get cashback up to 7%.
  • All your purchases and card balance you can check when logged in on website or app.

Restore access to your loyalty account

As an existing BENU customer you are able to create a password only if your e-mail address is registered with your BENU account.

Not sure if your BENU account has your e-mail address registered?
Add your e-mail and request for a new password anyways. If we don’t have your e-mail address from earlier, message appears immediately telling you that.

How to add e-mail to your existing BENU account?
Simply fill in a form here. Upon completion we will notify you immediately once your e-mail has been added together with instructions how to access your BENU account. You can also always ask your e-mail to be added directly in BENU pharmacies.